Saturday, February 27, 2016

Welcome to Mondo Gordo BBS!

Rev. Keith A. Gordon
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Mondo Gordo BBS! I’m your humble host, award-winning music critic and historian, the Rev. Keith A. Gordon. If you’re looking for music-oriented reading, you’ve dropped by the wrong website…you’d be better serviced with the many words I’ve published on my That Devil Music blog. While I hope that you’ll visit my other site sometime, maybe you’d like to stick around a bit and check out Mondo Gordo BBS?

It’s no secret that the good Reverend is a music fanatic, but I’m also a man of many other interests…books, toys, gadgets, graphic novels, TV shows, zines…so I’ve designed Mondo Gordo BBS as an ever-evolving document of my many obsessions. Basically, this is a blog of “stuff I like” that I’d like to share with you, the reader. Maybe you’ll discover a new obsession of your own with this personally-curated collection of news, views, and reviews.

When possible, I’ve also added a link to the item on so that you can add it to your own collection and I can gradually increase my personal collection of odds ‘n’ ends through the affiliate fees. If you’d like to further support my efforts, buy one of my books or eBooks through the links below.

I’m not opposed to hyping crowd-funded items that fit into the categories of my obsessions, so feel free to email the Reverend at thatdevilmusic (dot) com (at) Yes, your email will come through if you include the “dot come” in the address, and if you have a comic, toy, book, or whatever that you’d like the ol’ Rev to check out, get in touch. In the meantime, enjoy Mondo Gordo BBS!


  1. Hey Mondo Gordo,

    Would it be alright to send you albums in the mail to review?
    Hope to hear back from you soon.

    -Hekla Island

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